Using the M200 with a Zenmuse XT2 for mapping


We are trying to make some maps with our M200 and Zenmuse XT2 but we are struggling due to the fact that with the XT2 we need to use DJI Pilot on Crystal Sky and DD is not compatible with Crystal Sky…
So we use an Ipad connected to our Cendence remote controller with DJI Go 4 but the problem is that on DJI Go 4 we can not change any setting (manual camera settings, picture format i.e).
So i.e our XT2 picture format is set on R-JPEG which we can change to JPEG on DJI Pilot but not on DJI Go 4. This results in the camera not triggering any picture above 70 metres of altitude…Which makes mapping with DD impossible.
Is there a way around this incompatibility please?