Anyone use the NDVI camera from UAV Direct?

Looking for some help, just ordered a modified camera from UAV Direct for my Inspire 1 thinking it was a plug and play option with DroneDeploy. Well it seems the change in the field of view is messing up the preset overlap, and I’m not getting what it needs to have a good stitch for the final image. It also looks like it messes up the size of whats in the image. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @wakecrzy2000 if you tap the gear in the bottom left during planning - you can select the high overlap option. This will get you good coverage.

Tried that with no luck.

I do have the modified uav-direct blu22 camera and am struggling with it. I am flying missions manually with my Inspire until DD has iOS app available. Currently working on focus of the lens as that was identified as a potential cause of poor orthomosaic results. Still having problems though with georeferencing and large blocks of data missing or not stitching properly. So far height has been at 200’ agl so next experiment will be at 300 or so with lots of overlap. The stock Rgb camera photos stitch nicely with DD using fewer pictures in the same geographic area so I know that my issues are camera related. Would like to hear more from those that have made this camera work for them. Thanks!

With the latest release of the app, we let you manually select the front and sidelap for the mission - you could try increasing that to see if you had any better luck.