What is a battery swap supposed to be like during a mission?

I’m asking because the drone comes back to home and DD acts like I am done and there is no obvious way shown to continue the mission after the “pitstop”? Trying to figure out what I am doing wrong or what is wrong with the kit.

You should be able to connect your drone and click continue on the same mission that you previously flew.

Thank you. Would be nice to see a screenshot of what it is I’m supposed to see after the swap and the drone is ready to fly again.

@Magnus Have you downloaded our newest version of the app? This update fixes some problems we experienced with multiple battery flights.

The mission should show one of these steps:
Continue - what should happen when you change batteries.
Fieldscan (if you’re using this) Sometimes it can interfere with Continue when changing batteries (although I think it is fixed in the latest 2.61.0 iOS version) so you might not want to use Fieldscan

I usually close and reopen the app on battery changes and it always seems to come up “Continue” ready to continue where it left off.

Process there should be “Upload”, sorry.