ISSUE: After battery change the drone does not return to correct spot

So sad that DD does not provide help for free accounts. I am a one person operation and cannot afford $329 a month.

I am hopping someone on this forum will be able to answer my question.

I flew several missions using the DD IOS app. The missions are simple 2D missions. During several flights I noticed that after a battery change the drone does return to the spot before the mission stops for the battery change. Below is the screenshot of the biggest discrepancy

Because the mission restarted almost in the middle instead of starting at the right spot. It create 170 extra images and wasted half of the battery.

Does anyone know if this is a know issue and if there is something that can be done so that does not happen again.

I am using Mavic 2 Pro.

Thank you

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I would have stopped the mission and flown the last 2/3rds leg manually but yes that is weird. Point #3 looks like the exact mid-point of the mission as well?

For this fly it happened to be in the middle. For some other flights it was a different stages.

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