Drone RTH after battery change

Hello, I have planned the mission on DD and begin take off with the drone and the first battery gets down to a percentage of around 30% like you suggested. I then land the drone within the drone deploy app, change the battery and then reload the drone deploy app and continue mission. The drone then gets to the correct altitude set of the flight and within half a second of setting of it RTH automatically and I have to create a new map for the remaining area. This is costing me working and I have no idea how to fix it, if anyone could advise that would be great.

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You shouldn’t have to reload the DD app. That is probably why it is resetting the mission.

Right now any iteration of this type of problem. That’s just kind of where we’re at right now with the more complex features. Hopefully it will just go away with the next version.

We just had a multi-battery glitch yesterday and the mission wouldn’t continue. I instructed the pilot to restart the DroneDeploy app and it gave him the option to continue so restarting it doesn’t kill the mission, it’s usually whatever happened before you restarted it. I’ve been able to fly multi battery missions on different days.

I too have had this problem on several large area mapping missions of late. Drone returns to home for first battery change and then returned to last waypoint after battery swap to resume mission . After reaching resume waypoint, mission continues and within seconds, mission ‘drops out’ and drone just hovers in place and will not continue with current mission.

15+satellites locked on to and full controller signal also each time this happens.


Ditto, saw something similar the other day as well. Luckily had some extra time to waste on nursing DD app, as well as couple extra batteries.

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Hi there. Sorry to hear about the flight issue. Which DroneDeploy app version, platform (iOS/Android), and drone are you experiencing these issues with? We will have our internal QA teams test your specific case. Thank you.