What if my location isn't mapped properly? Can I choose coordinates onsite?

First time user, and really dumb question I’m sure.

Hi Rich, welcome! Can you clarify a little? That question is a little wide open and I want to make sure we are headed the right direction.

By “Location not mapped properly?”, do you mean incorrect positioning or the map just didn’t turn out well?

Choosing coordinates? There is no place in the DroneDeploy solution to deal with coordinates or coordinate systems up front so I am not sure what this means. Maybe exporting data?

Are you running some type or RTK/PPK setup with a traditional base/rover receivers?

I look forward to learning more.

Thank you so much for the reply! What I mean is in Google Maps, the cleared area of the construction site doesn’t exist. So setting my map up at home before I head out isn’t possible.

I found the answer - just create project from the app on the tablet. Knew it was a dumb question.

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Glad to hear it worked out. This app in the market may also be useful in those occasions.

This app is also handy and how I create 90% of my flights. We use the AutoCAD file embedded in Google Earth to trace a polygon and create the KML to import. Very handy as sometimes land can be re-platted for construction and can be hard to decipher exactly where the limits are.

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