Mapping a new area not shown on Google Maps

Is it possible to fly over a site, take a pic and use that for mission planning? I ask because it’s difficult to start an accurate mapping mission of a newly scraped and piled area that is not near a roadway or other significant landmark. Right now it seems as if you have to guess where to start, especially to do volume measurements on dirt piles that are constantly moving.

Hi Steve,

Have you seen this yet? Let me know if it helps, re the remote areas and shifting dirt piles.

I have seen that. That is not what I am talking about. Lets say you have an oil company drilling in the middle os a 2500 acre ranch. Google earth only shows the ranchland. It’s tough to pick the right 8 acres in the middle of the 2500 acres right off the bat especially if there is no wifi or cell service. I guess if I got Lat. and Long. I could shapefile from google earth. I was hoping an easier process might be available. It would be great to fly over the site, take a NADIR shot, and map off that, but apparently that is impossible.

I appreciate your quick reply from my first inquiry!

Thank you, Steve, and sorry that wasn’t what you were looking for…let me ask support and if there is an easier solution than what you suggested above.

Hi Steve. If you go out to the site, you have the dot showing your location as a reference. You could do a Drone Deploy overview planning flight at 400 feet with 70/70 overlap over a wide area that should hopefully encompass your area of interest. Once processed, you can import that .kml Geotiff into Google Earth as an updated base map for reference in planning other filghts. You could then use Shapefile planning over that to create your specific flight plan with respect to that area.

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