GPS offset, latest DroneDeploy iOS as of June 11

Has anyone experienced significant GPS position offset (position of drone vs map)? I haven’t seen this in the past, but today, it’s off by tens of feet (taking map of my roof, and it looks like I’m flying 1/2 a house offset).

I see the GPS interference NOTAM, but June 11 isn’t on the list.

Shouldn’t be that bad. But it’s possible if you have a relatively small number of images and a couple of the images had low accuracy GPS data.

I have a product question: Would it be useful if you could just shift the map with a tool?

I only noticed this during a manual flight, so it could have been a GPS accuracy issue (in DJI GO, it was already visible). I’m waiting for the manual flight to process and can compare it to the DroneDeploy-driven map (I did two, just in case).

Map shift would be useful, especially if there were a translucent overlay to help align it with the satellite map below. In one map, I can see that a shift would “fix” the problem.


Yes . . . . being able to shift the map would be helpful for jobs that do not require exact precision. Was flying a lot last week mapping areas of a Prairie Preserve and working with a gentleman using RTK system to mark ground points. After flying different areas, the ortho was processed and measurements made to compare actual locations of ground points to the GPS plotting of the photos. The highest offset we found was 15ft but the closest we found was 4 ft. We discovered that the closer to the outsides of the map (edges) the less accuracy we got but moving in toward the center produced the better offset. Just thought I would throw that out there. Made a list of features that would be of assistance in doing the type of work I did last week. Do you want me to email you or Chase or post here?

A tool to shift the map would be super useful. I’ve got repeat surveys of a beach area impacted by storms, and even though each survey has 900+ photos, the “side-by-side” app makes it clear the two maps are off by roughly 1/2 a house:

Did both of you actually tag and process with GCP’s? There is definitely a shift across non-GCP maps and non-GCP to GCP.