Using Ground Control Points

Can I get some info on how to use high accuracy GCP’s with the Drone Deploy datasets. I have the ability to measure the points using RTK GPS so it should just be a matter of marking the points on the ground so they are visible in the photos and providing the coordinates. Do you have any more info on this process.

Also I have a dataset from the other day of a church. It was flown manually using the pilot app but it has some good oblique imagery as well as aerial. It would be interesting to see how the building turns out in the model. Is there a way I can upload this data for processing?

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Hi there,

If you have painted targets that are clearly visible from the aerial images from your flight, then just measure the gps location and altitude at each marker and send the information to us as a .csv or .txt and we’ll incorporate it into your map for you. N.b. please ensure the coordinates are in WGS84 lat/lon and elevation in meters. We will add an option for uploading the ground control points via the data page for you flight in the near future, but for now if you could just send them to us at with a link to the map you want them incorporated into that would be great.

We can incorporate the oblique imagery into your map for you and it should improve the 3D model quality; if I’m understanding you correctly you already flew the site with DroneDeploy and generated a map and 3D model? If so, could you send the link to the map and we can adjust the settings so you can upload the additional images via the dashboard.

Hope that makes sense - let me know if you have any further questions,


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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the reply. I will fly the site with the GCPs in the next week or so, so will give that a try out.

Regarding the oblique imagery, it was not flown with the app, but just manually captured imagery using the DJI pilot app (was planning to cover it with the app but ran out of power). Is it possible to upload this data to see how the building model goes?

Hi Jeremy,

Can you please let know how it works out?

We could probably find an example of a map we can share that has used ground control points in the past if that is useful.

No problem!

We can upload the oblique imagery you have manually on our end - if you provide them as a dropbox link we can test it out. N.b. we can’t guarantee quality, as we don’t know the overlap settings, and so may not have enough overlap.

For future flights I’d recommend flying the area with the app to get good coverage, then filling in detail of the 3D structures with additional oblique imagery. You can then upload all the additional images manually via the dashboard - let us know if you need help with that stage after you next fly.

Look forward to seeing the results!


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We can let you know information on timings and how the process of the addition of the GCPs worked out, but it’s up to htwomey if they want to share the map or specifics of the accuracy changes etc.

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Has the procedure to include control points changed from this post? I have a job where I have survey control points in that the client wants to use for reference truthing. As I understand it they are 2 poured concrete blocks that are used as reference on the site.

It would be great if we could find out a way to add GCPs at our end. If we start using this program to the maximum, the last thing you’re going to want is 10 emails a day from us, asking to have GCPs added to uploaded maps.

Agreed, i am also finding most customers wanting GCP’s in their maps

I also want the ability to add my own GCP’s.

Same demand for me …

We’re working on improving this and we’ve been passing on each person who adds to this thread to our product team.

The reason why I do not currently use drone deploy is because I am unable to use ground control points. I work in an industry where accuracy is of highest importance so that is crucial for me as well as many others that might be worried about accuracy.

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For ground control targets, if you buy 3Dsurvey software, it comes with 10 ground targets. I don’t use this, but I am using this in upcoming weeks. I get this information from some websites, but I like this site that’s provides latest news and update about the drone.

As I am not a professional surveyor, can someone enlighten me or point me to more info on GCPs?

Is there a way to input ground control points online? I’m exploring using Drone Deploy on a large industrial survey & they will need high accuracy.

The EBEE with RTK looks good but we’d have to do a load more flight tests & paperwork to start using it as its a fixed wing compared to the multi rotor inspire. Something I think we will look into in the future.

Would having a mark on the ground & taking a photo on an iphone (geolocated photo) be enough for a ground control point or does it require more advanced GPS equipment? to mark those spots

@Dopeytree You would need a survey grade gps capable of accuracies down to 1-2 cm depending on what your client wants. Mobile phone gps will only have an accuracy of 3-5 metres.

ok brill that’s what I thought.