Uploading Unsupported GoPro videos To Drone Deploy

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I noticed that Drone Deploy does not support GoPro video upload to the platform and thought that this was a missed opportunity. My company once uploaded a bunch of GoPro 360 walkthroughs to the platform and they all worked. But when I tried it , I got a bunch of errors in the final product. Unfortunately the person who used to do this left and with them the process.

If someone has figured out how to do this then I would be very grateful for the tips. Otherwise I will log my discoveries here so that others will know how to do this.

One potential way that I found was through the GoPro Quik App (free).

One important thing to note is that you need to have your GoPro max compression at H.264 and HEVC. This can be found in the camera’s general settings.

Once you record the video. Go to the mobile app, follow the steps to connect your GoPro to the phone. Once the video loads, select it and on the top right corner (once the low resolution preview loads) you will see a upwards arrow “Share media”. Select it and share the media to any location you want. This should upload it to equirectangular format that can be uploaded to Drone Deploy and then sized and moved around according to where you need it to be. It seems that this is not the best quality but that can be my setting on the go pro.

There should be an option to do this in the go pro player desktop app but for some reason for me it keeps uploading in GoPro lenses projection which will cause you issue and not help Drone Deploy process the video.

I will keep updating this topic as more information comes to me. I hope it helps.

Additional info: the starting file format is “.360” - GoPro’s format and the shared format is an “.mp4”.

I just found the solution for when you are using the GoPro Player. The version that I am using is the As of May 2022.

The steps are explained in this link: GoPro Player: Render 360 Video

In case this link disappears , the first step is to install the free version from the GoPro website. Next find the 360 video that you recorded. After that, on the top left corner select file->export as->(select which ever format you want)-> edit the settings (make sure that the projection is Equirectangular).

Once the video is saved , upload it to Drone Deploy.

For now this is these two posts are the ways that I can find to upload GoPro videos to Drone Deploy. If we could have the same integration for this as for the insta 360 cameras, Drone Deploy would be an A++ in my books.

The ball is in Drone Deploys’ court.

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Nice! Thanks for the updates.

Hi @BenjaminT, Gentry from DroneDeploy Support here.
Thank you for documenting this process! We will ensure to get this into our official Support Documentation here soon.