Unable to upload an Image Sequence from a video

I don’t know if this is “working as intended” or not, but I have a couple of video editing software programs - PowerDirector 17 and Lightworks. With that said, I had the bright idea of trying to use DroneDeploy to survey a mock traffic accident (been practicing those), but not only use DD and the Point of Interest feature in the DJI Go 4 app, but also use a few minutes of video at various altitudes during the “POI” shoot.

So I get my mission set up, DD works perfect, I bring my Mavic 2 back and commence with the “POI” shoot. I start with an 80ft radius at 60 feet. Then drop to 40ft and finally 20, pausing in between elevations. After 20 feet I switch to manual photo mode and start with the “POI” rotation again and commence snapping photos. After one rotation, I bump up to 30 feet and then up to 50 feet.

All in all 271 photos and approximately 4:30 of video (various heights). However, when I shred the videos and rip them by frame, I am able to get roughly 12,000 HD photos depending on what format I choose, ect…

Here it is though, I go to upload them and the first 271 off the Mavic 2 labeled DJI_(insert number here) under the file format JPG all load fine. My ripped frame “sequence” files which are named “Sequence#01-000001 and then counting up” but are also under the file format JPG do not upload at all.

I went so fas as to open 10 of them up in a different program (Affinity Photo), save and rename them as a PNG and then Export them and they still would not upload. The error I receive is" invalid geographical metadata removed. This may affect the quality of your map, however you may still continue."

Is that working as intended? It seems as though a JPG would be a JPG, but it doesn’t appear to be in this case.


I was initially going to say change the naming convention, removing the hashtag and shortening it. But after reading the rest of your post the pictures that are snipped from the video will not have geotagged information so they cannot be used for mapping. You can try uploading some of them to a progress report, but I do not know what the image limit is in that report.

Ya, it won’t even upload 10 of the images (minimum required for an upload).

I’m still really new to the mapping process, so the geotagging would make sense. Though I would have thought that would have only been if it were a stand alone upload - as in I only took a video, ripped the photo’s from the video and went that route. But even the video should have some sort of tagging associated with it I would think as I did upload all 3 videos in the original upload.

I guess the AI isn’t there yet on finding similar and sorting or it is, but I’m not doing it right. lol

Thank you for the response by the way. Any info is appreciated as I can use all the info/help and knowledge I can get. :slight_smile:

The video itself is geotagged, which is how they put it as a pin on your map. The problem is that the snippets are not intelligent transfer for exif data so even if you did get something they would all be the same and match the video.

I don’t know if DJIGo has it, but I know that in Litchi I can define a path, orbit - whatever and set a time interval on the shutter and whatever speed I want depending on how many images I want to capture. With a 1 second interval at 5mph (7.3fps) it captures a lot of images. Of course it’s not true video, but it can be put in PowerDirector to make kind of a stop motion time lapse. Those are pretty useful as well. Then you still have your geotag photos that you can use to model.

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Perfect. looks like Litchi is the way to go with this. It won’t be an end all be all, but like everything else, it will be another tool in the box.

Thank you very much good sir!

now that I think about it, you can run a video and take pictures at the same time and Litchi. You won’t be able to do that short of an interval though, I bet you can still get enough to model?