Upload from Mobile


Just want to say initially, great software, easy to use, produces incredible results and all for a great pricing structure that makes it accessible to startups. The documentation section alone is worth the money, simply packed with useful information and guides.

I did, however, trial Pix4D whilst looking at this kind of solution, this was after the DroneDeploy trial and immediately noticed that they offer a way to download the pictures taken on the drone’s SD card to the phone and then upload them directly to their site for immediate processing.

For background, I’m currently in a mobile home and on a site which doesn’t have WiFi so I use my unlimited phone data package for all my internet needs. The unlimited part though is only valid directly from the phone. My Hotspot allowance is 10GB a month, this is what I have to play with when using DroneDeploy. This gets eaten up quite quickly after a few maps so I’m then left with no way to continue work unless I go to a place with Wifi.

In summary, I’d like to see this feature added, the ability to transfer directly from the drone to DroneDeploy on the mobile and then upload them directly to your cloud solution for immediate processing, it seems like a glaring omission considering how slick the rest of the system works.

Other than that though, love the service.

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Thanks for swinging by our community to share this with us. Our team is aware of this feature request but we don’t have any news to share about whether or not this will be added soon.