Dropbox integration

Hi Guys,

I’m loving the new interface so keep up the great work!

I’d love to have Dropbox supported in DroneDeploy. Why? It would make the whole process faster and eliminate the need to upload multiple times if the processing has issues.

Sometimes I’ve had sun glare halos on my images and had to process multiple times after removing the images that cause the problems. Of course if I delete too many images the quality drops so it’s a delicate balance. If I could upload the images once to dropbox then I could mess around in the cloud without having to upload the images multiple times. Each time I’d just share the link to the folder containing the images to DD and away it would go!



Agreed that that would be awesome- we plan to work towards something like this in the future. We appreciate the comment and do intend to make DroneDeploy easier and more effective :slight_smile: