Sharing Maps

Is anyone else finding the process of sharing maps, photos, panoramas and videos completely inefficient? When I want to share everything from a flight for a day I have to send separate links for the following:

Overall Map
This one works fine and others are able to see 2D, 3D, Annotations & Project Files

Photo Report (I will take photos for the marketing team)
I have to send a separate link for this. It would be ideal if others could see these media markers on the plan automatically. Also, they have no way of downloading the FULL image on to their computer. That now takes additional time because Marketing will tell me which photos they want, I will then have to click through all the photo media markers to find those images, download them, put them in Dropbox then share another link. This makes no sense.

I have to send a separate link for this.

This one is by far the worst feature. For starters, I can’t even send a link for the video. On top of that, once the video is in DroneDeploy, I have no way of extracting it out. I thought I was paying DroneDeploy for file storage. Why can’t I download the files I created on to my computer?? It’s like DroneDeploy just took ownership of my video and I can’t get it back.

Overall, this is what I want to see. The ability to share a link that includes EVERYTHING I have uploaded to that map. The ability to share only separate links, as it already does, but INCLUDES video sharing. The ability for others to download the FULL images when I send them the link.


I second this. I had discussions a while back about not wanting the system to automatically send emails to my teammates in order not to spam them. On Enterprise anyone part of the organization that is in the project gets every email I do. I had a multi-part project the other day that I started sharing with each Team member and then 2 different downloads for each part so each employee and client received about 15 emails within a 15 minute period. Not professional. I would prefer it not send any emails to my users/clients and give me a professional way to send a final completion email to them once I have done all the overlays and analysis. Videos are in queue.