DroneDeploy Releases New Construction Solution


We’re starting off the week with our latest launches: Progress Photos, Construction Accuracy Package, and a Drone on Demand partnership with Uplift Data Partners. Learn more at DroneDeploy Releases New Construction Solution.



What do we as pilots need to do in order to be qualified to fly these missions? Contact Uplift Data Partners?


Hi @brantel,

That’s correct! You’ll need to register with Uplift Data Partners directly.




I watched the webinar for the new releases. I’m excited about the progress photos, however we don’t build buildings we generally work in the forest or in drainages. Do you think this will work as well for taking progress photos of say a detention pond?

I’m going out tomorrow to get the first round of before photos, the contractors start in about a month so it will be a while before I can compare results.


According to Andy in the webinar, a POI target will be added which is essential. In addition, if DD wants this functionality to actually be a replacement for other apps (Litchi, Autopilot, etc) for progress imaging, then each camera position will need to be able to set it’s own target POI and altitude for both the target and the uav. Also, the ability to use dngs is a must.

It’s a good first step. It will probably work now for the most very basic situations but they are the exception and the controls I mention will need to evolve if DD wants to compete in this space. The integration with instant reports and such is nice. But not essential for me anyway.

BTW, I would rather pay for the App and have it’s functionality be geared toward flight planning and control over having the App be free but geared toward moving the user to some other form of payment through integration with other services. I don’t ever use uploading of imagery in the field for processing and am always leery that the app wanting to do that will be a weak-link in the system. The wireless upload of imagery code just adds to what for me is a chance of failure with no upside. Again, I would be happy to pay for the App if it focused on control and command and I didn’t have to worry about these other issues. Just my opinion.

Keep up the innovating!


Hi @Wendie,

This feature, at the moment, is geared towards the construction industry and jobsites so I cannot guarantee that you should get expected or desired results using this for drainages.



Everything is geared towards the construction industry right now. I’ve learned to adapt and make due with what I can.



Tried contacting and applying and have had no response.