Upgradin to V01.04.00.01 fails

Upgrading from V01.03 to V01.04.00.01 on my P3P fails on the transmitter.

I only get a red flashing light and bip-bip-bip-bip from the transmitter.
Is there a way to recover?

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We’ve always been able to recover. Have you tried connecting it to DJI Go and installing firmware. 1.32?

How did you do this? What ever I try I only get a beeping sound plus a red flashing light. DJI told me to send it the RC, which means I’m without it for the next 2 month… :frowning:

We have a file to reset the RC. I’m not at a computer right now but I can send it.

Yes @chasegray, please send it to me. And if needed, the magic trick, to unfreeze the RC.

Thank you @chasemgray. Using DJI GO did the trick!!

I also had to stop the RC while the tablet was downloading 1.32 as the RC jams the WiFi signal, plus I had to restore the connection between RC and P3 using the linking button.

Glad to hear you got it working. We’ve seen a few users with the same problem.

There are two versions of the P3 controller out there now, the GL300A and GL300B (new model). The “B” only accepts firmware updates via the DJI GO app. After upgrading the “A” to 1.03.0020, it will also only be able to update through the app. I have the “A” and ran into the problem mentioned above. The fix above, of hooking it to the DJI GO and letting it update the firmware and then re linking it to the P3, worked for me. So, in my opinion, if you have a “B” or an “A” (with firmware 1.03 or above) don’t mess with the RC firmware unless the DJI GO app tells you that you need to.

Does this mean we can upgrade to the DD firmware from the RC controller or is the upgrade to DD still broken if I have upgraded to 1.3.20?

You can use RC 1.032 with the current dronedeploy app. Aircraft must be 1.4

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