Controller Firmware posts (my turn, LOL)

I have two devices and only one controller and one P3P. One tablet is new out of box, the other I have been using for months. They are Verizon Ellipsis 8.
The older tablet works just fine with my P3P and the DD app (only thing is the app has crashed twice now, but still recovered the bird with no problem). Being the app crashed it made me concerned. So I thought the new un-used tablet would be cleaner and better.
I up-dated the software in the controller to 1.3.20.
I have checked all settings in both tablets. SAME.
Older tablet works just fine with the DD app and the bird.
The new un-used tablet, when DD app is activated. I refuses to connect to the bird.
Put older tablet back in, instant connection.
I can not explain the difference or why this happens.
open to suggestions.

Are you able to connect the new tablet using the DJI pilot app?

yes sir. And have lifted off.

Can you try logging out and logging back in?

I just did. Logged out and back in to my DD account twice on new tablet. Still just sits with spinning circle saying “waiting on drone”.shut everything down and restarted. still no connection.

What that screen waits for is if you have an Internet connection, logged in, and can connect to the drone camera.
Do you get the notification when you plug in the usb to open the pilot app?
I’ve seen with the recent firmware that you sometimes have to turn off dronedeploy, then plug in the usb. Make sure it prompts you to open the pilot app and say no. Then open dronedeploy.

No I do not. It opens the DJI app the second the usb is plugged in, and you hear that chick telling me to check flight status before taking off. However, my other tablet does pup up the question about the usb. So am i looking at a setting in the new tablet being the issue?

Ah. I had that before. If you tell it to always open DJI when plugged in it messes up any other app.
I had to go find in the settings where I could turn off the auto launch of dji pilot

looking for that setting now. searching, and a searching…

found the setting. turned it off. No change on DD app, but I do recall something the other tablet does that this one does not. When the Dronedeploy app is started in the other tablet, it asks if I want to let the DD app use the usb. i say yes.
This tablet never asks that when the DD app is opened. It does however, now, ask me if the DJI app can use the USB . I have said no and I have said yes. Still the DD app does not connect.
Next Im going to try and uninstall both apps and reinstall them. Unless u have another idea.
Thanks for the help by the way :smile:

With the newest firmware DJI enabled something that asks everyone about auto launching. I’ve told them this makes it annoying for people using multiple apps. It should ask about using dronedeploy once you launch the app if the connection is working.

still nothing. i went back into developer mode and made sure debuging setting was correct. I have also noticed that the DD app does not rotate on screen like the other tablet does. I checked screen rotation and it is on.
Guess I will just stick with the older tablet. unless you got something else up your sleeve.

That’s pretty weird. We don’t disable screen rotation.

They have the same android version?

Chase, Thanks for the help. Took both tablets back to Verizon and asked what the difference was. They could not explain it. So my next question to you. What tablet does DroneDeploy recommend using that you have had the best operation and least trouble with?
I have another PHantom 3 pro with NIR on its way. I want to set it up the best was possible.