Firmware update on P3 failed

Hi Guys, we can’t get your firmware to successful update on P3 pro. 1st run when for about 15 mins then failed, now only runs for a couple of minutes then high pitched beep and txt files says failed please reboot.

Any ideas?

Hmm. If you have access to the newer SDK firmware you can try that. We will be updating our getting started guide with new firmware in a day or two.

Thanks will keep an eye out for it.
Any idea how to roll firmware back or factory restore on P3? Basically how to remove failed status of firmware update. We can’t even install latest dji firmware either.

Are you having trouble with the aircraft or the RC? We have a way to reset the RC.

Aircraft - RC is ok and firmware updated ok

It looks like the newest public firmware for Phantom 3 is working with the SDK. We flew a few times today with no problem. Go ahead and update to that.

========== 2014.01.01 00:00:14 remo-con disconnect======
Packet: P3X_FW_V01.02.0006.bin
Result: Failed.
Reboot the aircraft and try to upgrade the firmware again.

[00014751]========== remo-con disconnect. boot(15) ============
[00014796]Packet [C:\P3X_FW_V01.02.0006.bin] detected, card sn [0xe103c858].
[00014842]Packet upgrade start…

[00014896]Packet checking…

[00014990]Version checking[1]…
[00015070][03 05][00] v34.2.0.9 -> v34.2.0.9
[00015149][03 06][00] v2.2.6.12 -> v2.2.6.8
[00015206][04 00][00] v1.38.0.9 -> v1.38.0.0
[00015274][09 00][00] v1.7.0.3 -> v1.7.0.3
[00015389][11 00][00] v1.6.0.0 -> v1.6.0.0
[00015504][12 00][00] v1.8.0.0 -> v1.8.0.0
[00015604][12 01][00] v1.8.0.0 -> v1.8.0.0
[00015704][12 02][00] v1.8.0.0 -> v1.8.0.0
[00016009][12 03][00] v1.8.0.0 -> v1.8.0.0
[00028938][15 00][00] device not detected.
[00029319][17 00][00] v1.1.1.6 -> v1.1.1.6
[00029455][17 01][00] v1.0.2.5 -> v1.0.2.5
[00029515][19 00][00] v1.0.8.96 -> v1.0.8.96
[00029565][01 00][00] v1.15.3056 -> v1.15.3056
[00029608][01 01][00] v1.15.3056 -> v1.15.3056
[00042153][08 00][00] device not detected.
[00042195]Packet upgrade failed at version checking.

Hi guys any feedback on this as we still can’t update

We’ve had a lot more success lately. What is your current status?