Unable to upload the mission

Any possible solutions as to why my mission won’t upload. It says “unable to upload mission” after it says “drone is initializing”

Hi @bcor1159,

Which drone are you flying and what type of device are you using to run the DroneDeploy app? As a general rule of thumb, we recommend rebooting power on your drone, controller, and device to clear out any conflicts. Please also check to make sure that you do not have any other apps running in the background, especially DJI Go. You will want to exit out of DJI Go while DroneDeploy is initiating the flight checklist.

Please give this a try and let us know if the problem persists. We’ll be able to help troubleshoot with you once you provide more information on your drone/device.

Thank you,

Hi Stephanie,
First of all thanks for responding right away. I am using a Phantom 3 Pro. Your app is being run on an Apple I-Pad 2nd gen. When I boot up without the DJI app running, my flight plan says “continue”. So I tap it, and the airplane insignia comes up. As I tap it, the checklist completes. I then tap on the check mark. It states “Drone is initializing” it then comes up “Unable to upload mission.”

Hi Bob,

We’re here to help! It sounds like the app might have encountered some conflicts. Just to be sure, can you please try copying the flight plan or creating a new one to see if that happens again? If you’re still unable to initiate the mission, please check to make sure that DJI GO is not running or open on your iPad and recycle power on all your devices.

Give this a try and please let us know the outcome. We’re eager to get you flying successfully with DroneDeploy!