P3P not starting the mission?

Hello I’m a brand new drone deploy user, I went to my local park to do my first mapping and I started my drone and app, mapped my flight on the app hit start mission got all the check marks green and it flies up and goes to the starting point and it just hovers there, I waited a minute or 2 to see if it would start it’s flight plan but it did not, so I just hit the return to home button and came back to the starting point safely. Any ideas as to why this happened?, anyone with a similar problem?, any help would be appreciated, thanks

Do I have to have a totally emtpy memory card?, I have a couple of videos and a couple of other pictures from previous flights, wondering if it’s gotta be totally empty first

Phantom 3 Pro with the DJI go app v. 2.4.1 and firmware v1.5.0030

Are you using Android or iOS?

Also, if you could PM me your dronedeploy username so I can look up your logs I can try to take a look at why this is happening.

Hello chasemgray I’m using my galaxy note 4 for now so it’s androit