My flown DD flight hasn't synced with the Internet

Hi all - I created, named, saved, and then flew a model today on my iPad (Phantom 4 Pro). I downloaded the JPG’s from the aircraft and they’re ready to upload to DroneDeploy (the iPad confirms the flight was ok as it says “Sign in on desktop to upload”.)

However when I do sign in to DroneDeploy the flight is called “Untitled Plan” and looks like it wasn’t finalised or saved properly as so is assuming that I have not yet flown the mission. Oh, and yes I’m logged into the same account on both devices.

Any ideas what’s wrong please and how I can upload my pictures to DroneDeploy?

Hi @Horrgakx,

Hope you are doing well and thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. When you fly a mission and the flight plan on your desktop does not have the “Upload” status, it is usually related to a syncing delay.

You could wait for the flight plan status to update or you could use the “Upload Images” option that is located in the blue + icon at the bottom of your dashboard to upload the images directly to a new map (you do not need a complete flight plan to upload images).

Please give that a try and happy mapping! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. Well, it’s been 29 hours now and it’s not synced.
So, I have tried the Upload Images as you suggested. Will see how I get on with that - thanks!