Unable to insert DXF file on tiff

I am following the support drone deploy tutorial for Overlaying DXF Contours in AutoCAD Civil 3D. When I follow instruction “Next, navigate to the Insert tab and click on Reference. From there, click Attach to insert a new reference file.” A pop up comes up saying unnamed

How do I fix this problem? the shapefile tutorial works just fine though.

Also, how do I label my contours with elevation data? I’ve been experimenting and had mixed results.

Thank you,

Harry Page

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Hi @hgpdronehphotography,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy community. A member of my team will be reaching out to you via the email address associated with your DroneDeploy Forum account. They’ll need to gather some more info and files from you privately.


DGN image vs DXF CAD file?


I’m trying to Overlay DXF contours onto my TIFF file but I get an error message when I do.

I have attached my files if you would like to take a look at them?

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Harry Page

I was referencing DGN from the error message on the snippet you shared. Did you download the DXF and save it as a DGN somehow?

No I haven’t, that is what makes it really confusing

Hi @hgpdronehphotography,

I see that you’re in touch with my teammate @Andrea via email regarding your issue. If you have any other issues, please follow up with her - she’ll be glad to assist! :slight_smile: