DXF and LandXML Design Surface Upload (beta)

Hi All,

Quick post as we are quietly rolling out DXF and LandXML upload support for Design Surface uploads. Would be grateful to anyone on our Enterprise plan who reads this to give it a try on their jobsite.

Documentation here: https://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/uploading-a-design-file-for-cutfill-analysis

We accept DXF or LandXML in any local or global projection and will automatically determine the best fit for your site - e.g. state plane, UTM, WGS84 etc.

Thanks to members of the community like @MichaelL who have contributed to the development of this tool.


Cut / Fill vs design:


This is absolutely amazing and should be a big fit as an extended piece to an existing workflow in the AEC industry. I am sure there is a subset of users that use shape files on a daily basis, but DXF is a pretty agnostic file type to all design software. I will also say that we create our models to a survey tolerance and accuracy and performance experienced with DXF models far exceeds what was possible in a shapefile. Kudos DD Team!


Can it uploud Land XML TO dronedeploy, and show the road in the 3d modell?

Tarjei from Norway, ehere we love landxml…


It can upload LandXML, but the surface is purely background data for analysis. It is a great idea though and would be a good Feature Request.