QGIS and exporting to CAD

I have created a map from dronedeploy data in QGIS. It is just a GeoTIFF and contours extracted from a DEM file. I am having a very hard time exporting this so it can be opened in a CAD program. Any recommendations?

Are the contours drawn or just displaying from the DEM? You should be able to just right click on the layer and save as a DXF.

The contours are in their own vector layer, extracted from the DEM. You’re right, right clicking/save as does work on the layer. But I was hoping I could retain my layer styling and labels in the DXF, but I am assuming that is not going to be possible.

I’ve never tried that myself in QGIS. Everything outside of that we do in Carlson Civil. Once we’re done with the analysis with the TIN we pretty up the contours for exhibits. Do your labels break the line?

They do - but I tried changing labels to above and below the line and removing masks. Still can’t get a clean export to a DXF.

What CAD do you have?

Using AutoCAD LT to try this. Ultimately an architect wants to overlay this on a site plan and I believe he is using Chief Architect.

Couldn’t you just give them the DroneDeploy DXF contours? Not sure why they would need contour labels. The Architects we work with never reference site grade and can usually us even 2ft contours. From what I know about Chief Architect it is really focused on interiors but have never used it so I don’t know its site capabilities.

Probably where I am headed with this. Didn’t want to overcomplicate it, but I spent so much time on the contours in QGIS I didn’t want to lose all that. haha