Roof Report - DXF output

Hi - I’ve used the roof report app a number of times and had useful results, but would like some clarification on the DXF file (I don’t have AutoCAD).

Does it have the areas/pitches/edges etc marked out and measured, and can it therefore be used directly in AutoCAD and similar in a design process?


I’ve never used the roof report, but if you want to share the DXF I can take a look. Alternatively you can open in in QGIS. You don’t have to worry about the coordinate systems or anything just yet to see the linework.

thanks Michael, I’ll take a look at QGIS
(can’t seem to upload a DXF file unfortunately)

ok. I can PM you an upload link if you like?

that would be ideal, thank you

Just sent the PM link.

just uploaded, so hope they come through OK

The file labeled as 2D is a flat compilation of lines, points, polylines and text all on separate layers. Not very well constructed from a CAD perspective, but they probably have their reasons.

The other file as I was assuming is 3D in construction. I’m not sure what these guys are doing, but this is a horrible way to introduce people to 3D CAD, especially in a mapping scenario. The linework is not on any kind of coordinate system and they obviously assigned a 0ft elevation to the lowest point collected. Just seems lazy to me. If they are able to obtain elevations then why is all the other axis information ignored? I think I should start my own version of this service…

Here’s a 3D view from QGIS using a DXF importer that retain Z values. You can also convert to shapefiles while importing.


thank you - that’s really helpful to understand what you can/can’t do with these outputs, so much appreciated

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Any time, glad it helped.