DD Geotiffs and AutoCAD

Hi, I’m getting a bit frustrated. I’ve been trying to import Dronedeploy geotiff files into AutoCAD Civil 3D and Map 3D as raster files. No joy. It doesn’t seem to recognise the files as tiff files.
It seems you can do this with Pix4D tiffs (not tried), so is there a way for DD?
Thanks in advance. Tim

@GRMUAV what settings are you using for your export?

Web Mercator. In hindsight I’m guessing that might be the problem, although they work with QGIS fine. Should I use WGS84?

Please try with wgs84. The size of the file may also be relevant- each program has a different threshold.


Civil 3D will read the tiffs from drone deploy, but there’s a soft file size limit that we’ve found (in AutoCAD and Carlson AutoCAD as well)

A single mosaic up to roughly 200mb will pull into any of our workstations, but go above that size and some PCs will return an error along the lines of “invalid file” or “no image found”.

One solution is using the tiff tiles (we pull them all into a separate drawing and then xref the ortho dwg in behind). Another solution is converting to a compressed format like MrSid, ECW, JPG, etc in something like global mapper.

Hope that helps.

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thanks for the further comments @DerrickWestoby :slight_smile: These soft limits can be difficult to know other than through trial and error. Appreciate you chiming in!