Smoother and smaller increments when scrolling


When using my mouse scroll wheel… or the +/- buttons on the map, it’s very hard to get most of the maps to be just the right size where they fill the screen, but do not get larger than the screen.

Would it be possible to change the functioning to where we can, using the scroll wheel, make the maps larger and smaller, in much smaller increments? More of a custom size adjustment?

Thank you for your consideration.



I asked for this capability a few months back and DD says its my device. It works fine on Apple apparently but only on some Android and Windows computers (but not mine). DD tests on Android and Windows and do not see what you and I are seeing. I gave up asking and just put up with the failing. DD did offer to do a live session with me to sort this out but I got too busy with my programming efforts to process DD 3D model in Rhino. Maybe this is something you have time to pursue with DD and finally get to a conclusion. It would be a nice if the DD App would support smooth scrolling for our devices.

What the DD App does is follow the increments set by the +/- buttons when you scroll. Since the +/- buttons are too coarse to adjust the map to be reasonably close to the screen boundary, you end up being frustratingly too small or bigger than the screen. There is nothing in between. But this problem does not exist when viewing the 3D model so it is not a case of our devices not being able to interface with the DD App. It is the case that the DD App does not work with our devices when viewing the 2D maps (ortho, Plant Health, Elevation).

Maybe DD could just put finer steps into the +/- keys and then our scrolling would work better.



I have the same issue on my iMac, using Chrome. It’s not a smooth scroll.


I am also using Chrome.


Hello @TXWhirlyBird, @MapItNow, @SolarBarn,

I can see the scrolling is a bit sensitive when using a mouse. Unfortunately, that is the way our maps are processed in our application. It is unlike the scrolling in other apps such as Google Maps. If this is bothering you, you are more than welcome to use the click option which is more responsive.

As of right now there is not a roadmap for this to change. Maybe with enough requests, this will change.



@Yusuf, @Nipul,

The click option? Do you mean the +/- buttons on the lower right of the map? If so, these are no better than scrolling as they both move by the same too big of an increment. This is one behavior of the DroneDeploy App that falls short of almost all other Apps we use on our PCs. This should not be too hard to fix.

Over at the McNeel Rhino forum (it uses the same Forum software as DroneDeploy), they log issues with a reported number so that both they and users can track the status and completion of issues. Perhaps DroneDeploy could adapt a similar, more transparent system for logging and tracking issues. This helps to engage users better and keeps their hopes kindled that things are getting better as they see issues closed. As a consequence, the users stay more engaged and provide better feedback on the App. The complexity of Rhino is 100 times that of the DroneDeploy App so it is very compelling to deal with issues in a very structured and attackable format. Compared to Rhino (18 year old) it is still early days for DroneDeploy (no more than 5 years) so perhaps it is a bit early to do this. But I think it would be extraordinarily helpful to both you and us users if you started doing this. Just a thought.



Thank you for that reply, @SolarBarn. My only thought when I read @Yusuf’s comment was disbelief. I mean, seriously? Y’all were able to build this amazing app with all of its technical functions…but you can’t get a map to scroll smoothly? And, as @SolarBarn pointed out, clicking the +/- buttons isn’t any better than using the scroll wheel.

I’m not a programmer, but with all of the things out there that programmers can do, I can’t believe this particular function would be that hard to fix.


The problem with this issue is that DD has not been able to reproduce this problem on the devices they use to test and on the account setup they are using for testing. So being a programmer myself, I can understand their difficulty in fixing this issue. I think someone needs to do a live session with them and demonstrate the issue in order to make progress on a fix.


I’ll make a video of it tomorrow and send it to them, then. That should work, right? @SolarBarn


That should help. Another functionality we are missing is the capability to rotate the map. Apparently on a touch-screen device you can do a two-finger touch and rotate. So include that not working in you video if you can.


Glad you brought that up! I actually just mentioned that to my wife a few days ago!

Thanks for the reminder!


@SolarBarn @Yusuf @MapItNow

As it turns out I can’t attach a video to this discussion, but I will find a way to get it to the support team via email or some other way.


@SolarBarn @Yusuf @MapItNow

I was able to send the video through the Chat Support window. Now we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.


@SolarBarn @TXWhirlyBird

Thank you for reaching out. @SolarBarn is right in the sense it is difficult to reproduce the issue. I tested on my computer (Mac + Magic Mouse 2) and can see that smaller incremental steps can be implemented. However, this does not seem to limit the functionality of the application. This is a feature that I will pass on to my product team. With more requests, we may be able to make this a priority.

I did not receive your video. I will reach out personally to grab that video from you.



Hello @TXWhirlyBird,

I am still unable to see your video. I would suggest sending me the link to my personal message box.