Make dashboard location not auto scroll to the top

We have over 100 maps on our dashboard now, and we’re very happy with DD overall. But there are some details that start to get annoying. Here’s one;

You scroll down and find a map, then you do something in the map and finally you close the map and go back to the dashboard.

The dashboard view then scrolls back to the top of the list. Ouch, very annoying!

I think if the pointer in the map stack should just stay on the map you just used and not go to the top

small UI detail, but quite annoying in practice.

Thanks n keep up the good work,


Thank you for this useful feedback.

Agree! It’s a good point, and this has been discussed internally.

Thanks for the feedback, we’re all about making it more efficient.

Yes, a real time sucker if constantly viewing flights and plans down the list. Would be really great if you were returned to the last flight you viewed when switching between flights and plans.