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Can we please reinstate the mouse wheel click-zoom? The scroll to zoom maxes out to quickly on large projects and zooming ceases. With the pan-zoom you can quickly get to any point on the site. This is a standard in most of the software we use.

Hi @MichaelL,

I’ll be happy to raise the suggestion of adding mouse wheel pan-zoom functionality back into the new control scheme.

Is your scroll-wheel zoom still maxing out at a certain zoom level? We are unable to replicate this even with very large maps. The zoom level continues as we scroll, down to an extremely(!) close zoom level.

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Good to hear. It happens in instances where you want to zoom across a site. Try one of the road jobs that are a mile or more long. As you zoom in it continues to zoom, but the rate at which it zooms greatly decreases and I have to rotate the wheel like a maniac to get to the desired vantage point. The next step is to wheel-scroll zoom back out, rotate the site and zoom in again.

The wheel-click and hold can be used on that distant point and zooms in much faster.

@MichaelL Have you tried the double click to zoom/recenter the pivot point for this purpose? What are your thoughts on it?

For us it is particularly on pipeline and roads that are long and linear. There is currently nothing associated with the wheel-click so bringing it back would not be too intrusive. The left-click zoom does work better than the scroll-zoom, but it is not scalable enough. It may be better if you could click again while it is zooming to stop it like in Google Earth, but we are talking more about large zooms from one end of something to another. The map that I am playing with while I am typing this is only about a quarter-mile long. It takes 14 scroll-zooms or 7 click-zooms. With the wheel-click it is dragging the mouse +/- 2-inches forward or backward.