Being able to rotate map

I’d like a feature where I can see the newly produced map, but be able to rotate it to a more suitable position on my screen.

Hi @droneworxuk, sorry we missed this. Please know that we have this feature on the road map that we are hoping to launch soon. Thank you for your patience and feedback regarding this!

I second this request. Do you have any update on this?

Also, I really like if we have a fine zoom feature. What we have now is either a little too far or a little too close to the map that I have.

Hoping to do something like this by end of this quarter.

did this ever get sorted? I still can’t rotate a 2d map onto a better screen position for a better viewing. thank you

This isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but on an iOS device you can now rotate the map with a two finger rotate gesture.

I am unable to do that on an iPad etc. It doesn’t;t work for me

You have google maps enabled in DD labs within your app settings? It should definitely work on your iPad.

@Jerther has map rotation been dropped of the implementation list since 2016 or is it still coming?

I couldn’t find a way to rotate the map online and makes it much harder to view it for drawings.

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