Significantly out dated map in the app

Hi Im in the market for an app such as this but its lack of quality maps in the app concerns me. For example look at the quality of Altizures map in there app. We do roofing and with the lack of quality in the app when we need this for a small roof where quiet literally flying blind when planning the mission

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+1 on this. I have had to fly at sites where I know the imagery is several years old. It is almost impossible to plan appropriately when you can’t enter coordinates of the waypoints you want to fly to or see what they terrain actually looks like when you are flying.

Here is the current quality of maps vs the quality required for safe and successful mission planing. This is a 2000m2 roof and only just possibly todo at the moment with the quality… try doing something smaller… almost impossible.

I know its possible because the second image is from Altizure app. I would love to use your guys service but your front end seriously lacking. I think once this is updated you will have the best drone imagine service on the market

You guys can turn on google maps in the settings under ‘dronedeploy labs’ section. It’s still in beta. The release that is coming up this week has a lot of improvements to it.

Can’t find the dronedeploy labs tab… im using Android by the way incase that changes anything (:slight_smile:

Must be an Android thing indeed… I can’t find it either

No DD labs at the moment on Android (coming in the next couple weeks). It’s only on iOS.

@jantheeven you don’t see it on your settings on your ios device?

I don’t use Apple stuff… :wink: I’m an Android guy

I’ll have to agree on this one. I had to shoot blind in the field because I didn’t realize the maps wouldn’t show the facility. I scouted in google Earth beforehand and it was there. Chase, it does not seem to be available to me yet (viewer on PC). I see “DroneDeploy Labs. There are no experimental features available right now, please check back soon.”
I’m glad you’re working on this. Something that would be useful along these same lines would be search by GPS coordinates so you know exactly where it is if you have the GPS for the area of interest even if the maps are out of date.

If you’re on an iOS device you should see it in dd labs. Otherwise it’s currently not available. It should be soon for Android.

I just use Google Earth Pro to make a polygon of the area of interest and then save it as a KML file. You can then use the “Import KML of SHP” app to import it in DD and you’re good to go…