Rth issue dd / phantom 4

I was out today on a test if dd, where i want to test batteri swap

Startet the mission abd after 1 min i activated RTH in the app
I was suppriced that it land right away, without RTH
Swich batteri and resume mission going ok.
Them after 1 min i activated RTH once more, it starts returning and then it start climbing up in hight. At 225 meter i cut off the DD app and startet up dji go 4 and get the drone safe down, i lost sight of the drobe

I do not understand why it made this “fly away”

The flight was with a phantom 4


I experienced the same with a phantom drone, activated RH and suddenly the drone ascended very fast until lost sight of it then after short period saw drone descending flying away from the home location, tried to manually fly it back to home location but no response until it landed on water and of course battery cooked and end of drone.

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