New to DD, please help

Hello, I’m new to DD and I have some questions so please bare with me… I have the Phantom 3 standard and the range is not very far, if I lose connection what happens, in my Go setting I have the drone RTH but the area I am mapping is far past my range, will DD continue the route or will it RTH? At what point does it RTH regarding the battery’s %? Is this set up in DD or the Go app? Any help is appreciated!strong text

So I only own P4, P4Pro and Inspire 1’s, but as an avid reader of this forum I have noticed a lot of people having issues with the P3 because of the wireless connection between the remote and tablet. All of my units will continue flights even if they loose connection with the remote. As it comes back into range I usually re-establish connection via the tablet. They will RTH, on my units, at 20% which is what my RTH is set to in DJI Go.