DJI GO 4 vs DD Return to Home

Hi everyone, I have recently lost a DJI P4 V2 mid-flight. It disconnected from the controller and was never seen returning. Unfortunately for the flight, the RTH function was deactivated in the DJI GO 4 app, does anyone know if that affects the RTH function in DD once it reaches 20-25% battery level? If there’s a possibility that RTH was overridden in DD, are there any pre-programmed emergency landing features in the DD flight plan or the drone will switch back to DJI low battery protocols?

FYI I took off with DJI GO 4 and launched the DD autonomous flight plan mid-air.

Thank you very much, any answers will indeed aid us in narrowing down a viable search area!

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I have had trouble maintaining control with low battery levels in same drone and controller, scary lessons learned. Also had disconnection problems with iPad overheating or powerline interference. No fun to lose a drone, hope you find it.

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