Recropping Bug

Due to battery draining I was forced to upload twice the same survey area into the DD Android app. The DD Android app does not allow for saving in the field the missions, instead they are somehow visible once you open the dashboard on the PC starting with the name SmartSurvey. I used only one of the two default missions created and loaded into it the images from both flights. Somehow the plan created did not cover both missions, although all the images were loaded. After exporting the partial flight, I re-cropped the plan so as to ensure that all the images are covered and pressed export but still the new export contained only the original crop plan, with a minor alteration at its northern end. What do I have to do to make it re-crop all the data? Without having to upload again all the images, solution that did not work anyway in the first place?
The flight is this one
and the first export is
and the second is
Incidentally, another bug, I deleted the DD sample missions from US locations and when I choose All Plans they still show up…

Thanks for the feedback @C0ndu - we’ll be updating the UI for uploading to improve this soon. In the mean time - you’re able to use Map Engine to do the processing on a user specified crop region.

Unfortunately the crop applied before processing limits what gets processed - so we don’t end up storing and processing imagery which the user has told use they don’t necessarily want.

Let me know if this doesn’t resolve your issues.