First Two Missions

I flew my first mission using auto everything and landed. I copied the flight plan, disengaged the auto on DD, and manually adjusted the camera and altitude on DJI Go 4. Both flights were offline and seemed to go well. When I got home, my dashboard acts like no flights were made. I have an SD card with 193 images and no way to upload them. After the second flight, DD asked if I wanted to upload now, so I must have been connected to wi-fi at the house near the flights. I opted to just wait until I got home and use the SD card. Well, there is no record of either flight being completed, the copied flight plan doesn’t show up even on my phone where I copied it and there is no distinction of two flights on the SD card. Hopefully, I’m just missing something stupid. Thanks

Are you using the new Projects UI? Or folders and individual flights?

I’m just a couple days into the free trial version. I assume I’m getting their best so I’ll buy. I just learned how to plan a flight on my PC in the DD app and make it available offline.The ease of set-up and feedback from my phone was great and it felt all was going well. I guess I’m using individual flights. When I copied and altered the flight plan, it showed up as a separate plan on my phone, but when I got home, it was gone and even the original plan didn’t show that it had been flown.

@Adam_Carp, Does the trial have access to the new UI?

As I said, I’m new to DD and only know what they gave me. But looking at their “new layout” online, it looks like the interface I’m using.

The old u i had a line item for every flight. Many people would make folders at the root level for each project and then put the individual flights inside. With the new UI you have one project pin and all maps are available within the one interface. You just scroll or calendar pick the individual flights.

Back to your original question, first thing I would verify is that the PC and app are both sinking over the internet. If everything else checks out then you can manually upload the images. Either interface can do this.

@MichaelL Yep! They might not have it on automatically, but by this point, it should be an option in everyone’s settings.

@kestrel It sounds like there may have been a syncing issue with the offline flight - it is a known bug we have and will fix early next year. Luckily, it should not take any more time to ‘get around’ this bug by uploading a ‘New Upload’ in Projects or or by clicking the blue ‘+’ and ‘Upload Images’ in the old U. DJI controls how the photos are written to the SD card.

Copy the flight plan as if you’re going to fly the same mission again. Then launch the mission via the simulator. At the completion of the simulated mission you will be asked to upload your images. Upload the ones you’ve already taken of the same site and go from there. Repeat as necessary if using different images for the same map area.

Thanks Garryowen! That’s exactly what I did when I ran out of things to try. Was surprised to see it accept the images. Actually came out great.

No need to wait for the simulator. Old interface.


OR the new interface.

Glad you were able to get your maps. I’m having a lot of fun making them…now if I can just figure out a way to monetize this whole mapping thing :wink: