Flew two missions-Nothing at DD.com

Flew two missions today, dronedeploy.com does not show any flights today for uploads. Used my iPhone 10 with the DD app. I did see a couple of network errors during the missions. Is there a way to upload my data even though DD.com says I did not fly today? Anyone else have this issue today? Thank you for your help on this, its never happened before, been flying these same construction missions for a year with the exact same Mavic Pro 2 and cell phone and location.


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Hi Jon

If you are part of a paid subscription please message Support for customized help.

Otherwise, you can select “New Upload” on the upload tab and upload imagery there – uploading to the specific upload card is not required.

Also note, we’ve recently released some exciting mobile upload support for our Mission feature. Everything can upload directly from the field. Uploads queued up can also complete on WiFi whenever you get back to your home or office.


Does the drone still have to be left on? Last time I tried it killed more than half of an RC battery before it completed. I think it would be more successful if we could connect the mSD to the mobile device…

Drone needs to be on for the transfer to the iPhone or iPad - and this step is typically very quick. Once the transfer to device is complete, the image upload can happen on or off the field, today or tomorrow, even after a device restart - really whenever the app has connectivity.

Also, if you fly with the Mission feature you’ll download multiple flights at once. For example, you can fly a Map plan and 4 panoramas. All 5 plans will download at once.

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Thanks for the clarification. Are those the native full resolution images?

Yes. Same quality as Desktop upload.

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Live support closed hours ago, its a Holiday weekend.

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All while taking no device resources from the actual flying portion of the app already struggling, I’m sure. Like magic ! :thinking:

Drone Base wants their data now please.