Flight Planning on the Dashboard

Maybe I missed this in the docs, but it seems like on the Dashboard that I should be able to set up a mission, then transfer it to the mobile app and fly it later in the field. However, either I’m missing something, or that’s not the case. All my missions I’ve had to set up and fly from the mobile app.

I’m using DD App 1.2.3 on a Samsung Tablet.


To follow on DJI…
I believe it is imminent

Same thing… After I draw it on the desktop, it says Area=0 and does not save anything. If anyone has an update to this situation, please let me know! I want to show students and would love to have the map drawn in the classroom before launching the app and drone.

Sorry for the delay on this. This required some changes to how our desktop version of the web app worked so those changes will get deployed early this week. That means you’ll be able to plan from the desktop this week.