I1 1st Survey

Flew my first successful survey mission and had this feedback (sorry of others may have already stated these):
1 - When starting the DD app it takes you into planning a mission, where can we select like on the website mission type?
2 - After the survey mission ended, I killed the DD app so I could then use the DJI Pilot app to fly the remaining battery power. Once the DJI app connected to my I1, it started taking pictures as if it was still flying the surveying mission. I exited the DJI app (even killed it) but every time I went back into the DJI Pilot App it started taking pictures. Eventually I had to shut the I1 down,restart it then open the DJI Pilot app for it to work normal.
3 - I using a Kindle HD7 modded to run Android 5.1 and since upgrading from Andriod 4.4 the screen when I enter DD app is constantly refreshing. Even during mission planning sometimes the endpoints disappear (not all of them usually one maybe two) and for them to show up I have to move another endpoint for the entire area to appear.
4 - After the survey completed I could not get the DD app to load the pictures, the screen kept refreshing saying something like “Downloading 0 of 167 pictures” but the count never went up. Eventually I got a download later prompt and selected that…are these known issues with the DD app or could this be related to my hardware?

  1. Which type of mission would you like to fly? On the website we only have custom and survey basically. The mobile app defaults to survey and that is the only one that is currently supported but there will be more in the future.
  2. We don’t currently support doing anything after the mission is over and we do sometimes run into issues with the camera not stopping currently if it is brought back by any other means than the automatic return to home at the end of the mission. We are working on that bug.
  3. I haven’t heard of this bug before. I think it might be a device issue but if you send some screenshots of video to beta@dronedeploy.com we can try to look.
  4. We are considering removing the downloads completely. For the latest Phantom 3 firmware, the downloads have stopped working and they are too slow to even try to download 167 photos. It would take like an hour to do that and the drone would have to stay powered on.

1 - The Custom map seems best suited for aerial photography, I could plan out waypoints in-lieu of a target area.
2 - I believe I let the mission complete on its own, the only time I touched the screen, DD app, or RC was after my I1 landed and I started to get the downloading pictures message (but again nothing was happening).

We will be working on more types of workflows soon.

We are still trying figure out why it sometimes continues to capture. Hopefully have it fixed soon.