Change how DD handles Flown Missions

I use both Map Pilot and Drone Deploy Capture. I often need to fly the same mission multiple times as I’m sure many do. I really do not like the way DD handles a mission as a one-off and you need to make a copy to fly it again, sorry no offense. I think it was developed this way anticipating that a user would fly a mission and then upload it to DD servers from their mobile device. I have never done that and don’t anticipate ever doing it.

I would much prefer that DD make it’s own copy of the mission “under the hood” and leave my mission alone and ready to be flown again next time. I suspect if you ran a poll of your users, you would find the current method clunky and unpopular.

Thanks for the consideration.


Hi @Dave,

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. I don’t have any news or updates to share at the moment regarding this specific feature but I’ll share it with the appropriate team. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Christina.

I also use DD to fly the same missions over and over every month/week. I’ve seen some great things like the compare slider (which isn’t perfect yet) and others. I hated trying to name each new flight with a date moniker but now that dates are included under the name of the flight I think it will be easier.

It might be nice to be able to go in and change the date of the flight afterwards? Or maybe there is a way to see a timeline of each map? Actually, a timeline view would be amazing.