DD Dashboard UI improvement suggestions (2)

DD Dashboard UI improvement suggestions:

  1. It would be nice in the DD Dashboard to have the Flight ID number instead of the camera, for instance. The camera is either pretty much the same (the standard camera DJI2 for my P3P) or it would be multiple cameras if images from multiple sources will be loaded onto the same mission. But when you get the email saying that your data is ready for download, that email refers to the Flight ID and it is no way of knowing which one of the missions is it unless you open them all until you find the right one.
  2. It would be nice to have DD Dashboard pre-compute an estimate size of the image/file to be exported and enforce - or at least suggest - splitting it into multiple subsets, if the image is too large … The last download was in excess of 3GB, I cannot open it in GlobalMapper, not to mention IrfanView. The only solution is now to re-export it using the split option ticked.
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Hello dear DD development team.
as I am using the Dashboard I noticed that there is no progress bar showing the status of processing in maybe % or time or whatever would be convenient for you to program to make it as accurate as possible. ok, we´ll get an e-mail but I am lurking on my dashboard from time to time (never logged out) and therefor a status bar on the processing button would be cool.

  • once when synced it will not allow me to go back in case I would still like to change something in the map. I will have to copy the synced map, change whatever I would like and then sync again.
  • when planing a map it is always synchronizing after every move I make with my mesh I am making. wouldn´t it be better to plan the map adjust and fiddle around with what needs to be done and then synchronize at the end? I know it is doing it automatically but when I plan and fiddle around with corners and such it used to jump back to the previous point until synced.
    just thoughts :smile:

Also on the Dashboard and especially on the project page can you also include Drone Altitude and Flight time for that project.

I do multiple altitudes to compare accuracy and when I fly the same mission I find it a bit anoying when I have to adjust the area that project is in instead of using the parameters I have already set for previous altitude.

Is there a setting to choose either AGL (Above Ground Level) vs MSL (Mean Sea Level) as different jobs will require different reporting altitudes

Tom Dolam