Recommendations for 3D map for structures

I’m going to be doing a set of flights for some business parks that have several large buildings in each park. I’ll be doing a standard flight (non-crosshatch) with the camera at 90’ to capture the entire park. Then I would like to get obliques for the buildings. Do I need to create a mission for each building in order to do this accurately to improve the 3D map, or do the buildings with the cross hatch map? What are your recommendations?




Do you have a site plan or some other representation of the layout? It will really depend on how many buildings there are, how they are spaced across the site and how close they are to each other. This is when we need to remember that every project has a quirk.

Here’s the image - it’s 130’ from the closest building to building gap. Other buildings are 190’-300’ apart.


You probably already know this but I see that the majority of this site is in a 100ft grid so you will probably have to file online for a waiver.

Just from the types of buildings I am guessing they are probably around 40ft tall so you’ll want to be at 150ft at the least 200ft would be better. Looks like everything is spread far enough apart that you probably don’t need a nadir flight unless there are a bunch of trailers parked at the docks in which i would probably do a down and back just over that area. Overlaps of 65/65 should be good for 200ft or 70/70 for 150ft or below.

Last thing I can think of is that sometimes these buildings have some decent finished out areas for their entrances so a few manual shots at the storefront would probably help the detail.