3D map of 20+ story office building using orbit or manual for obliques

I’m new to the forum, but have used DD for a few residential construction projects over the last 9 months with some good results. I’ve got most of the basics down, i.e. overlap, time of day, no horizon,…

I have an opportunity to do an large office building (330’) in populated area(not in controlled airspace) and can be flown within the part 107 guidelines. The building is odd shape with steeply angled roofs, and many different angles. Not your standard rectangle bldg. I couldn’t find anyone on the forum that has done something like this. I found some info on church steeple but no large buildings. I can not safely orbit the building. I can get 3 sides easily and safely without going over people or traffic. The fourth side is more challenging and has a 360’ crane across the street. The crane boom comes pretty close to the building and will require us to fly either very close to the building, within 25’, or very far away with the crane in between.

There’s park around the perimeter of the building that is also owned by the property owner and is easily closed off. The front of the building has a busy street about 50’ away so I’d like to stay close to the building if possible.

My question(s):

  1. Has anyone flown something similar and do you have any suggestions?
  2. Besides the best practices tips on the forum are there any other suggestions or tips I should be considering?
  3. The building is mirrored glass. I’ll shoot when overcast but will this be a problem?

Thank you in advance.