Poor Quality in Dronedeploy vs DJI Terra?

Dear Dronedeployers, i already made some maps and models in DD but now i tested DJI Terra for a 3D Model. I was really disappointed of the quality DD provides here. The photos are all perfect and the orthomap is great as well in dronedeploy. But the 3D model has unsharp surfaces, wavy edges and a real bad resolution comparing to Terra. Does anyone know what this is about? I put some screenshots here: PKPRO Kundencloud

I recently tried Terra and found the same results. The ortho quality and point cloud quality are much better.

First pair of images are from Terra. Second set are from DroneDeploy.


Substantially better.

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My GOD!! Just processed 156 images with GCP tagging in 13 minutes. Output was a high resolution ortho!