New Releases: Processing options to optimize for speed or quality

Ever wanted to process a map faster or struggled to process a large data set? Our new processing options allow you to optimize your map processing for speed (best for 2D maps and large data sets) or for quality (best for 3D models and measurements).

For more details and side by side comparisons of the processing options, check out our support documentation:

Give the different processing options a try and let us know how they go! We would be curious to know if you’d like even faster / lower quality options or even slower / higher quality options.

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How do these new options compare to the old processing method? Particularly, does the higher quality option create a map that is better then the jormal method of a week ago?

Good question! The current “highest quality” option is the same as the “standard” processing you’ve been experiencing from DroneDeploy (which is why the processing options will default to highest quality). What we’ve done is added two tiers of faster but lower-fidelity processing.

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I am doing a demonstration of the drone survey capabilities and I want to be able to survey a small area and be able to show the results a few hours later. I have a commercial subscription to DD. Is there any way the processing could be sped up and how quickly cold you process a site of 5.1Ha without any GCP’s?