Processing quality - free trial vs paid version

Hi guys,

Currently I’m using the free trial and am really enjoying the UX of Drone Deploy, hands down the best on the market. I’m just wanting to know if moving onto a paid subscription will result in a better quality end result or not.

This weekend I did a ‘structure scan’ of the shed on our families property. I used a combination of nadir imagery for the overall site, plus oblique imagery around the shed and I also included 45 degree oblique images taken from a grid pattern above.

The end result/ orthophoto and 3D model that Drone Deploy produced was good but not brilliant, I would have thought with all the imagery that I supplied that I would have had a better result.

As an example see the link below;

2D -

For the 2D map, zoom in on the roof of the shed and you will see that it’s not well aligned. I understand that homogenous imagery is tougher but there is a bucket load of overlap of images.

My question is; is this because I have supplied poor imagery or is it because I am using a trial version that is only 15cm accurate? When I go onto a paid plan can I expect the same data to produce better end results? I did process this using the ‘structure’ method, perhaps that is the reason. Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Would be nice to see a test shot using the same images at the 5cm/pixel option, if DD would consider this!

hi @JeanStrong - please see here for a comparison of the native/ 5cm per pixel export: