Low Map Quality for My Lotaion (help)

Hi, I just joined today and took my Phantom 3 Pro for a test flight using DroneDeploy, however, the map quality for my current location is very bad. I currently reside in Costa Rica and you can hardly tell roads and grass apart. Is is very difficult to even tell structures such as houses and schools apart. Am I stuck with this map or can anything be done?


You can try planning on desktop. We also have experimental shapefile planning on desktop if you have your area that you want to map available in shapefiles.

At the moment we don’t have better coverage from our map provider in your area.

We will be moving to some other maps provider very soon.

@chasemgray I have the same problem.
Another problem I just noticed is that for Denmark, the map is with cloud coverage?! Is there something to tick-off, not showing clouds?


We’re working to move away from our current map provider. For the moment there isn’t anything to fix this. We do use different maps on mobile and desktop, so if you see clouds on one you may be able to plan on the other.