Map Resolution

Dear Srs,

I testing the DroneDeploy free version and for naw I have one question over the resolution the map where I define one new plan flight:

Why the detail in the map is poor in comparation with another application like for ejexple Pix4D. Can you see the following photo:

Maybe the issue is by the free version of application or the map that use.

The resolution of map in USA is better than in my country.

I wait by your update.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Santiago of Chile.

Hi Santiago, the quality doesn’t have anything to do with the free trial aspect. If you haven’t yet, please read through this guide on making successful maps as its chock full of helpful tips:

Hi Kara,

I understand, but this is not my problem.

My problem is over the resolution the map in the application where I define one new plan flight, the the detail in the map is poor.

The photo is a screen shot of the map in the application in my Iphone.

If you can, please look any place in Santiago of Chile for that you check this issue.

The resolution of map (application) in USA or Europe is better than in my country.

Thanks in advance by you support.


The mission setup background satellite map is quite poor in places. I think DD were looking into changing their background map supplier to get better resolution for everyone, but nothing has happened so far.

I know EXACTLY what you mean! The area I needed to map is within the red circle. It is SO CLOSE to the area of good quality imaging, but when I attempt to zoom in closer, it tells me the image is unavailable. (GoogleEarth has better coverage of this area of northeastern Alberta in Canada.) Because of poor cell coverage, I have to preplan the mission in the office, so this mission was tricky.
I’ve flown this one a few times now, and the first time was almost blind and I gave it waaaay too much of an area to cover - but better safe than sorry! However on the later missions I was able to reduce the area to concentrate efforts and pinpoint on the area of interest.

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies and support.

I contacted with the support of DD and tell me that they plan to upgrade their systems to improve their international planning very soon.

Greetings to all

Santiago of Chile.

Has there been an update on DD upgrading their map supplier for better resolution as described in the problem? I am planning flights and the same issue seems to be present.

It appears to be over a year and doesn’t seem like there’ve been any improvements.