Very low google map res :(

Hello, I am very interested in this app, but unfortunately map resolution in my whole country is very low, it is impossible to plan a flight. Will this improve?
I have noticed 3dr’s mission planner has very good resolution covering almost all my country.
I’m located in Colombia.
Keep up the good work!

We are working on this with the company that provides our base layers. If we can’t resolve it with them we will look for a different provider.

Hello Chase,

I just got the app and I’m having the same problem, when I zoom, the map disappears and it’s impossible to determine the boundaries of the lots.

Now google maps here are great, on the Dji app looks great…

Will you guys integrate the latests maps to the app?

This its vital to use the app…


I have the same problem here in sweden,google maps is great but not the maps in dronedeploy

Whats happening whith that???

Google Maps should be coming for you to plan on your phone is coming in the next month or two. Sorry you’re having trouble.