Points of Interest Import

I am using the maps to try to help plan for Search missions of someone that has been missing for a long time and we are searching for components to try to help the local law enforcement bring closure to the family. Two features I would like to be able to do using Drone Deploy. First, as I am looking at the images of a 2 or 3D map and placing a location marker, I would like to see the location somewhere on the screen, ideally it would be near the cursor itself, but could be in a box in the corner. Currently I only get the location after I click to place the marker. 2nd, I would like to export a list of points of interest locations instead of trying to put them on one by one. We use CalTopo as our Search and Rescue Situational awareness tool, so being able to import to and from CalTopo to DroneDeploy would be a very useful asset that could ultimately aid in saving lives.

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